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Aryan Agarwal

Technical Lead | Driving Innovation at Glue Labs | Ex - Software Development Engineer at GeekyAnts Just Learning New Things!! 😉


DevOps & Agile

Do you know the difference between DevOps and Agile? They were formed as standalone concepts. But now the two terms are getting fused.

In this post, we will examine the crucial differences between Agile and DevOps and find out why the two are connected so tightly.

DevOps Lifecycle - Application Focused

As we continue we are 100% going to come across these titles (Continuous Development, Testing, Deployment, Monitor) over and over, If you are heading towards the DevOps Engineer role then repeatability will be something you will get used to but constantly enhancing each time keeps things interesting.

Responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer

After the first post now we must get deeper into this concept and understand that there are two main parts when creating an application.

We have the Development part where software developers program the application and test it.

Then we have the Operations part where the application is deployed and maintained on a server.

What is DevOps?

Firstly, DevOps is not a tool. You cannot buy it, it is not a software SKU or an open-source GitHub repository you can download. It is also not a programming language, it is also not some dark art magic either.