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Aryan Agarwal

Technical Lead | Driving Innovation at Glue Labs | Ex - Software Development Engineer at GeekyAnts Just Learning New Things!! 😉


React State Management in 2023

History of React State Management

• 2013 – Introduction

• 2015 – Redux

• 2016 – MobX

• 2018 – Context

• 2019 – Hooks

• 2019 – Zustand

• 2020 – Jotai, Recoil

The future is exciting! Here's a brief summary of how we got here ⬇️


DevOps & Agile

Do you know the difference between DevOps and Agile? They were formed as standalone concepts. But now the two terms are getting fused.

In this post, we will examine the crucial differences between Agile and DevOps and find out why the two are connected so tightly.

Differences between Lodash and Ramda

As to this part of the question:

Which one is better?

There is no way anyone here can answer that definitively. It depends on your requirements, your history, your programming taste, and a million even more fuzzy factors.

SvelteKit or Svelte + Astro?

According to the Astro docs, Astro claims to be faster than SvelteKit, but they are using lighthouse scores to compare the official SvelteKit doc pages with the Astro doc pages.